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To our shareholders and prospective investors

Takeaki Hirabayashi, President and CEO

 Our Group was founded as a software company in 1973, when the IT industry was still in its infancy. We launched our business "believing in the idea of making society a better place by creating and providing new types of IT services.” Since that time, we have taken on development projects in a wide variety of areas, unconstrained by industry, technology, or platform as a completely independent IT company not affiliated with any other corporate groups. Today, the core of our business is large-scale contracted software development for corporations, educational institutions and public agencies, and we also develop products under our own brand, including the GAKUEN series, which holds the top market share among strategic management systems for universities, and JMICS, our medical information service.
 The environment surrounding IT is currently undergoing changes at blinding speed, including advances in technological innovation in the areas of AI, IoT, big data and robots. With these changes in the environment, we believe that it will be difficult to achieve sustainable growth into the future with a business portfolio consisting primarily of contracted development, so we formulated “JAST Vision 2020” to define basic medium- to long-term management policies and targets for fiscal 2020. This vision sets forth the type of organization we want to become, including goals for the corporate image, brand image, business fields, the size of our operations and other items, based on the slogan of “to be a ‘five-star’ company.” In so doing, we will establish a structure by which we are able to immediately address changes in customers, technology and the market.
 We were listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on June 23, 2017. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our customers, shareholders and stakeholders, because this would not have been possible without your support. We will aim for further growth by rolling out enterprising IT to pursue new markets while leveraging the technologies and know-how we have cultivated up to now. We ask for your continued support and guidance in the days ahead.